Cut Off DNR Launch Still Closed, Shows Activity – May 25, 2018

| May 25, 2018

I drove by the Clinton River Cut Off DNR launch today and there were things that were different. First off, the gates were mostly closed. That is probably a safety measure to keep folks away from moving equipment.

You can see that there has been more activity on site. There is now a front loader and dump truck that you can see in the photo. The last time it was dredged, the debris was stacked off in the parking lot and formed a huge mound. Perhaps, it will be hauled away as they dig it out this time.

I made some calls to see if there is a time line for completion of the dredging. The Detroit office said that this launch was not on the official list of “closed” launches around the State. For now, we’ll keep driving by and keep you informed of any progress.

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