Lake St Clair Bass Fishing Report, May MadWag’s Memorial Tournament 2018

| May 9, 2018

From: on May 5th, 2018

Despite a ‘stiffer’ wind than expected today on St. Clair (I’ve always said you should add the 2 numbers together rather than even going by the highest number!) we had a perfect turnout today for the MadWags Memorial on Lake St. Clair. Everyone made it. Everyone made it back in. Everyone turned in a DRY weigh in sheet and most everyone caught some fish!

Everyone stayed for pizza too. I left feeling pretty good about the day though I personally fished terrible landing I think only 2 small keepers (or was it one?!? Yikes!!). I do feel like I ‘put FrickerDude on them’ as he culled all our little ones and ended up putting us single-handedly in 4th place with over 18 pounds off an old waypoint from my ancient days.

Still, took 25+ (paper tournament) to win for Jay-MadWags and tdrouillard. They whacked and stacked them again up north. 2nd place was just over 20 for another perennial Mike Goetsch (actually markgoetsch and Mike S. my helper just combined the names apparently). Not sure where they fished but supposedly not his usual places. Most anglers were along the Mile Roads (where we fished all day). I believe 3rd was just under 19 but forget at the moment who it was. (I apologize but I’m too tired now to go find the sheets…)

Other then the wind and rougher water than we’d like it was a nice day. Yes, the muddy water is piled up right now just south of Metro Beach but that’ll change as soon as the wind starts blowing a different direction. Visibility wasn’t awesome anywhere we went from ~14 Mile down to ‘10.5 Mile’ but I could see dark patches in some places from 5 foot of water out even as deep as 11+ in a couple places.

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