OMNR Threatens $800 Fine for Trailer Weigh-In, Mitchell’s Bay, Canada

| June 26, 2016

In a surprise move, the OMNR approached a bass tournament in Mitchell’s Bay, Canada and threatened to levy an $800 fine for any bass angler who pulled their boat out of the water with bass in the livewell. In addition, the tournament directors could be fined as well. The idea was that the anglers would be “transporting” fish and that is considered to be illegal. The anglers were allowed to leave their boats in the water, bag their bass and walk them to the weigh-in site.

As of this writing we do not have a statement from the OMNR about the issue.

Here are the top results from the event:

1st Place 22.57 lbs
2nd Place 21.68 lbs
3rd Place 19.21 lbs

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Bob Mann gives us a report from the event:

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