Stable Weather Pattern – Almost Smallmouth Heaven

| August 3, 2021

No matter the time of year, stable weather is the hallmark of consistency when it come to smallmouth bass fishing. Smallies are finicky enough on their own without having random weather patterns to mix up the bite too. That’s why this week is such a gem. Summer Pattern smallies + Stable Weather = Predictable Fishing.

Here’s the latest from NOAA as of Tuesday morning (You can find this at the top of this page. Click on Marine Forecast):

What this allows us to do is to duplicate patterns over several days. The size isn’t always the same but the spots should hold up. Here are a couple from the same spot in the North Channel caught two days apart. Same spot and about the same size, both caught on a 5″ Xtreme Bass Tackle™ tubes.




Appreciation and a “thank you” are due to Lowell and then Dave and Ken for getting these photos for me.

The wind will pick up a bit toward the end of the week but we are seeing no major fronts through Friday, according to the report. That’s a good thing.

God bless, good luck and good fishing!

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Update: Looks like a mild front is coming in Friday night. That would give us pre-frontal conditions Friday…even better!

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