Time to Head out for St. Clair Smallmouth: Wed 50, Thur 56, Fri 63, Sat 66, Sun 69

| April 12, 2016
Great Lakes Captain Wayne Carpenter

Great Lakes Captain
Wayne Carpenter

If you were looking for the right trend to go out and catch smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair, it’s here. Not like we haven’t been hooking up just fine since March, but a big warming trend like this almost always means a big bite on Lake St. Clair.

Finding the bass can be as easy as finding the boats and fishing nearby, but there are more opportunities around. Smallies school this time of year and can be found on shallow flats with stained water. The trick is to know that the school is in motion. Once you hook one or two bass they move on and you have to go through the process of coming across a school again.

As the water warms, the range of effective baits expands so try a little of everything. Brightly colored baits (with white, chartreuse, red) tend to fish a bit stronger than natural colors right now.

The docks are in at the launches and the Lake is calling…See you on the water!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to Jack on Facebook he reminds us that there will be a lot of east winds that come with this mild weather and that is true. The reports have the wind shifting to SE on Saturday and South by Sunday. The water should be pretty stained to even muddy in places along the U.S. shore but the good news is that the smallies prefer stained water this time of year. As long as it isn’t too muddy.


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Wayne Carpenter is the owner of Xtreme Bass Tackle and Combat Fishing, and author of No Secrets on Lake St. Clair.

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