Clinton River Cutoff Launch Blocked for Now, March 25, 2018

| March 27, 2018

It has become an annual springtime routine to wait until the Clinton River Cutoff DNR launch can be dredged out and used. Since fall, silt and other floating debris have been deposited in front of the launch ramps. This results in them being completely silted in and useless until dredged (Then there is the smell too!).

The condition of the Clinton River Cutoff DNR boat launch as of March 25, 2018

Although the roads are clear for travel, the heavy equipment needed to dredge the ramps is subject to the MDOT frost laws (Annual spring weight restrictions going into effect to protect Michigan’s roads). There is a period where the roads will be unnecessarily damaged, and weight limits are imposed. Soon, the frost will be gone and travel over Michigan freeways will return to normal. Getting the go-ahead is what the DNR is waiting for to get the equipment to the launch.


The DNR launch at Harley Ensign has open water March 23, 2018

If you are planning a trip to Lake St. Clair and need a place to launch, you have two options nearby. One is Lake St. Clair Metropark and the other would be the DNR Launch, Harley Ensign, at the end of South River road.

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Sportsmen’s Direct Website

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