Lake St Clair US Bass Opener 2018 Tournament Results

| June 21, 2018

Opening day bass fishing results fluctuate with seasonal temperatures. There is no way to know how they will be next year, but this year we took a stab at guessing what the best catch over last weekend would be:

As it turns out, we were able to find some results from events, plus had a couple of clubs check in. Thank you Michigan Bass Anglers and Michiana Casting Couples for giving us a look at what weights were available on Lake St. Clair on opening day.

First off, we have a report from Michigan Bass Anglers. Their event was on Sunday, launched at Harley at 6:00am, and went to 3:00pm. They were scheduled to launch 10 boats at their club event. Here is the report from the President, Paul Wagner:

“Our club winning weight was 18.98 pounds, , Chaz Poindexter and Bam Beydoun won it, Bam also had big fish with a 4.57 smallmouth.”

We got a terrific report from Michiana Casting Couples. They launched at the Clinton River Cutoff boat access and were projected to have 15 boats.

Casting Couples Open on Lake St.Clair, Sat June 16th 2018
  • 1st pl. Rick Kedik & Jake Lisenko from won with 20.23lbs taking home $290, they used Native pride baits new tube jig Trokar hooks rigged with tubes in 10-13′ deep water, keying in on sparse weeds…not thick weeds.  Kedik & Lisenko had bigbass of the day with a 4.83lb Smallmouth caught in the last 20min of the tourney to earn an extra $90.

Rick Kedik & Jake Lisenko

  • 2nd pl. Bill Cisler & Steve Penington had 16.45lbs earning $170. they used lipless crank baits and tubes in 7-10′.  Cisler & Penington had 2nd bigbass of the day with a 4.60lb Smallmouth winning $45.
  • 3rd pl Rodney & Craig Fannin brought in 16.33lbs, that earned them $80.  Fannin’s used tubes in 8-10′ deep water.
  • 4th pl. Scott & LeeAnn Sizemore had the last 16lb sack to round out the top four teams (16.05lbs).  Sizemore’s won the new Skeet Reese Rod.
Every team brought in a limit of 5 bass, 10 teams in all.
A brand new Skeet Reese rod was given away also.  Almost every Casting Couples event gives away a new rod, reel, or rod & reel combo.
We were also able to grab some results from the Cash for Bass event from Saturday, launched from Harley Ensign:
So it’s on to our next bass opener on Lake St. Clair…the Canadian Opener on the fourth Saturday in June.
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