Weather Turnaround Good For Bassin’

| April 13, 2024

There comes a point where the weather turns to spring-like conditions for good. We have reached that point. The winter months are indicated with very cold to freezing temps with snow. The transition to spring is filled with easterly winds and despite our wishful thinking and hints of warmer days, it seems to take forever for that pattern to break. This week, we have that break.

How do we know? Take a look at the winds in this NOAA historical data.

You can see how we still had some east wind action then it turns over to west winds. That alone isn’t enough to declare the changeover. The change has to be consistent and extended.

Look at the point it turns to westerly on the 12th, then stays that way. There will be some pull to the north, but it keeps coming back to the west. We can see how this trend continues in the following forecast information:

This takes place over a four day period and represents a break in the pattern. Previous to this, the winds would have turned east much quicker.

One more thing to consider are the relative air temperatures. Here is where they are headed:

Combine that with the wind shift to the west and we’ve really got something. This indicates that the stranglehold of cold and east winds on the weather pattern has been broken. Sure, we will have more east winds and some cold days ahead, but we can all “feel” this kind of a seasonal shift, and the bass can too!

Welcome to spring!

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