Cash for Bass, Lake St. Clair Saturday, 08-06-2016 – Top 5 Finishers

| August 8, 2016

The weights just keep on coming on Lake St. Clair. We didn’t just have one, but two top finishers at 23.10lbs. It was up to big bass to break the tie and the Robiadek/Clauser team came in best with a big bass at 5.08lbs. That was not the big bass for the event though. That 5.13lb smallmouth was brought to the scales by the Hodgins/Piche team.

The video of the event also includes some unusual footage of a “big ugly” being brought to the boat by the Melvin/Mann team. In spite of a breakdown, they just kept on fishing and brought in a channel cat that could have easily tipped the scale at 30 pounds.

Here are the top five finishers:

1. Robiadek/Clauser bb5.08 23.10
2. Greene/Salisbury 5.05 23.10
3. Hodgins/Piche 5.13 23.03
4. Gillies/Lee 4.14 23.01
5. Beale/Brown 4.07 21.04

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