Lake St. Clair Podcast with Capt. Wayne and Hunt2Fish Outdoors

| July 23, 2017

Ken, myself and Dom at the studio

I recently sat down for an interview with Ken and Dom at Hunt2Fish Outdoors. The following podcast covers a great many bass fishing topics when fishing Lake St. Clair. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the experience of sitting down with these two great interviewers.


  • 12:30 Why is Lake St. Clair such a great bass fishery?
  • 16:00 Fishing the St. Clair River Channels
  • 18:00 Seasonal changes and how that affects bass location
  • 21:00 Theory about why bass are in the St. Clair river
  • 22:40 Largemouth on Lake St. Clair
  • 24:30 Bass forage on Lake St. Clair
  • 35:00 Fishing U.S. vs. Canadian waters
  • 39:30 Capt. Wayne’s take on extended catch-and-release season
  • 48:30 When will the bass bite peak again on Lake St. Clair?
  • 51:00 Higher water…new spawning zones?
  • 52:00 Fishing U.S. vs. Canadian waters. What side is better?
  • 55:00 The kind of weed is on Lake St. Clair. What the smallmouth prefer.
  • 59:00 Fishing Strawberry Island
  • 01:04:00 Fishing Strawberry Ridge
  • 01:06:20 The Dumping Grounds
  • 01:07:50 Fishing the shipping channel in the Lake
  • 01:13:30 Smallmouth migration and transition spots
  • 01:18:00 Seasonal patterns. Pre-spawn
  • 01:23:00 Baits to use in pre-spawn period
  • 01:27:00 Crayfish color in the Xtreme Bass Tackle tube line
  • 01:28:30 Bass spawning period on Lake St. Clair
  • 01:32:15 Where the Lake water warms up first. Why North part can be colder.
  • 01:36:50 Number one tube color for Lake St. Clair
  • 01:38:00 Tube technique on Lake St. Clair
  • 01:38:30 Fall spot and bait choices
  • 01:41:15 Crankbait/jerkbait choices for Lake St. Clair
  • 01:39:00 Stores on Lake St. Clair with Xtreme Bass Tackle baits
  • 01:41:30 Favorite time of year to fish the Lake
  • 01:41:30 Most common mistake anglers make when fishing Lake St. Clair
  • 01:42:50 How to use
  • 01:43:45 Bait choices to stay on the bite when it shuts down
  • 01:47:30 Using the underwater camera/multi species connection to bass
  • 01:49:30 Strategies for smaller boats on the big water
  • 01:53:00 Wind issues and information
  • 01:54:45 Best winds to fish


Hunt2fish Outdoors is a new and exciting podcast service by Ken Scicluna that just came online this year in 2017. Ken’s vision is to share the celebration of the outdoor lifestyle with anglers and hunters who really want this information.

Ken was inspired to begin his podcast at the age of 18 after hearing the broadcast of Bob Bauer’s Outdoor World on the radio. He remembers what it was like to have to work on Saturdays when everyone else was in the outdoors. He found the Bob Bauer radio show to be a great way to get through the day.

Ken started fishing as soon as he was able and eventually, expanded to hunting as well. Now that podcasting has come of age as a medium, he saw the opportunity to promote the outdoors, similar to Bob, whom he admires.

My thanks goes out to both Ken and Co-host, Dom Guzzardo for being great at what they do and asking me to join them for a podcast.

Look for more great content to come from Hunt2Fish Outdoors soon.


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Wayne Carpenter is the owner of Xtreme Bass Tackle and Combat Fishing, and author of No Secrets on Lake St. Clair.

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