Lake St Clair Water Levels Inching Up, June 2018

| June 5, 2018

For the last month, we have been within inches of peak water levels on Lake St. Clair. We are now seeing the final, incremental increases for the season as May picks up a couple of inches. The recorded levels tracked with the earlier projections, for the upper level range.

Traditionally, it is not unusual to see a steady decrease for the remainder of the season. There is one more report to see, however. The July report will tell us if we are on the downward trend, or if we ended up picking up a couple of more inches. At any rate, we can pretty much depend on the water levels that we have today as being the high water mark.

                      Chart from the U.S. Corps of Engineers

The higher water levels should mean good things for the fishery. There is more spawning area available for all species, for one example.

Click here to see the full Great Lakes report for June

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