Lake St Clair Metropark Boat Launch Reopened, May 24

| May 24, 2020

As best as I can tell, the water quality incident has been resolved. I’ll try to find out more information throughout the day.

From the Metropark website:

Park Capacity Monitoring and Temporary Intermittent Closures

Our Metroparks team is actively monitoring attendance in the parks. Metroparks Police and park staff are now performing parking lot counts three times a day to ensure that total parking spaces within each park do not exceed 60% of their full capacity. When overcrowding occurs, we may use temporary closures to certain areas within the parks – or entire parks. Depending on the time of the day that capacity is reached, the park may reopen as visitors leave. Those visitors already in the park when a closure starts are welcome to enjoy the rest of their visit. Learn more about closing procedures.

Park Closures

At this time there are no closures.



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